PED Electronic Speed Control Unit


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PED 2500 PED 5111 PED 6000 PED 7000

PED's Electronic Speed Control Units use latest control technologies, offering precise speed control with stability better than ± 0.25 % and temperature stability better than 1% of steady state. Our units meet JSS 5555 defence standards and 7G vibrationlevel. They are Easy to Install&field adjustable and do not require software programming.

Special Features:

  • Reverse polarity and fail-safe protection enabled - In the event of loss of speed sensor signal or battery voltage, engine shut-off is immediately activated.
  • Additional accessory interfacing possible - Accessories like load sharing modules and auto-synchronisers can be interfaced with ease with PED controllers.
  • Enabled with fast transient load recovery - Circuit boards are hard-potted and formally coatedand arehence vibration and moisture resistant.
  • Wide variety of application needs satisfied – This is a result of PED's constant or variable speed governing, in isochronous or droop operation.

PED Speed Control Units – Suitable for Producer Gas, LPG & CNG Engines, Diesel Fuel

PED Speed Control Unit Specifications
Specifications Details
Isochronous Operation/Steady State Stability ± 0.25% or Better
Speed Range/ Governor 1K – 10K Hz Continuous
Speed Drift with Temperature Less than ± 1% maximum
Idle Adjust CW (Below set Speed) Min. 1200 Hz
Idle Adjust CW (Below set Speed) Min. 4100 Hz
Droop Range Regulation 1-5 %
Droop Adjust Max. HG Jumper 875 Hz., ±75Hz. Per 1.0A chge
Droop Adjust Min. HG Jumper ±200Hz 31 Hz, ±6Hz. Per 1.0A chge
Speed Trim Range ±200 Hz
Maximum Current 10 Amps @12V, 6 Amps @ 24V
Operating Voltage 10 to 30 V DC