PED Electric Actuators


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PED 5000PED 2501

PED Actuators when connected to a compatible PED governingsystem components, assures the user high performance speed control. The design baseline incorporates fast responses, multi voltage usage and proven reliability, permitting more precise control.

PED Actuators are Easy to install, requiresZero maintenance, and are suitable for 5 KVA to 750 KVA.

Special Features:

  • Employs field proven electro-mechanical design with dual bearing, providing proportional actuator movement based on actuator coil current.
  • Uses variable reluctance magnetic technology, avoiding rotary moving parts, increasing durability, ruggedness and long life.
  • Incorporates H Class insulation and aluminum die-casting, permitting extreme temperature operation.
PED Electric Actuator Models Specifications
Type: Variable Reluctance Servo
Insulation: H class dual coated
Specifications PED 2501 PED 50000
Angle of Operation 25 ± 1 25 ± 1
Coil Resistance 2Ω - 12V 4Ω - 24V
Stall Current 6A - 12V 4A - 12V
Operating Current 3A - 12V 2A - 24V
Vibration Level 20G-20-2000Hz 20G-20-2000Hz
Response Time 45ms 45ms
Weight Approx. 2kg Approx. 4kg
Operating Temp -40C to 100C -40C to 100C
Torque Approx. 1.5 lbs-ft Approx. 2.2 lbs-ft
Operating Voltage 12V DC 24V